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Thank you for visiting our section about getting married in Costa Rica. After photographing and helping plan over 1500 weddings in this country and meeting thousands of people who have come from all over the world to exchange their wedding vows I decided to share some of my experiences with those of you who are thinking of doing the same.
My first wedding in Costa Rica.
A special thank you to Terry and Darren for getting me started on this path
I am hoping to address most of the questions, concerns, and reservations that many people experience while deciding to hold a destination wedding in Costa Rica. If you have any issue that is not covered in here please email me and I’ll be happy to reply as soon as possible.


Angie, I think the tattoo is absolutely beautiful. I’m glad that we were able to convince you to show it off.
The first issue that comes to mind is “Is it safe?” -especially now in the more uncertain times we have been living- The answer is a resounding yes. Costa Rica is by far the safest, friendliest, nation in the hemisphere. With a long history of peace, stability, and kindness to the people who visit. Costa Ricans will welcome you enthusiastically and will be happy to show you their beautiful country.


A dramatic wedding ceremony on the beach. Notice the posts of twisted wood with beautiful floral arrangements affixed to their tops and rose petals sprinkled on the sand. An excellent example of an elegant barefoot wedding.

Costa Rica abolished its armed forces over fifty years ago. Civil rights, human rights, and civil liberties are not only widely respected; they are the foundation of its society and culture. You cannot find a more egalitarian attitude or greater respect for the rights of others anywhere in Latin America.




An afternoon with looming showers. The light at the beach is almost always perfect, no matter what the atmospheric conditions.
(Of course it helps to know how best to take advantage of the available light). The bride wrote this very nice comment about our work:
”What can I say? You did a FANTASTIC job; you are such a wonderful photographer. Thank you again for everything.”

Secondly and just as important is the fact that the marriage will be legally recognized in the United States, Canada, Western Europe and just about any country in the world.








Kids are always so much fun, especially if someone is around to egg them on. This is one photo that always raises doubts from the pundits “Is that real?” I assure you it absolutely is and we do have sunsets that are that amazing.

The process is very simple and any one of our experienced officiants (usually an attorney at law) will be sure to collect simple instructions in advance to officially and legally conduct the ceremony and to process the marriage certificate. The information required is fairly straightforward: Copies of your passports, copies of your witnesses’ passports (2 witnesses. If you don’t have them any attorney will be happy to provide them), additional information will be collected by the officiant, but again, it is simple and straightforward. There are no extraordinary requirements, no waiting periods, and no unreasonable information requests. It should be noted that although the marriage is legal immediately upon the completion of the ceremony, the marriage certificate takes some time to obtain, however the process is safe and guaranteed to be valid. The length of time varies depending on the present workload of the Civil Registry, however it is a miniscule fraction of the length of your marriage, which will no doubt be a lifelong endeavor.