Costa Rica Weddings Locations
Thank you for visiting our section about getting married in Costa Rica. After photographing and helping plan over 1500 weddings in this country and meeting thousands of people who have come from all over the world to exchange their wedding vows I decided to share some of my experiences with those of you who are thinking of doing the same.
Anna had this to say:
”the pictures are fantastic! It is so great to have so many pictures, many of them random and spontaneous. Many that we don't remember either....what's up with the tongue shot!?
Too funny."
Next comes the concerns regarding logistics: Accommodations, travel to and from the country and to and from the specific location, ceremony sites, reception sites, catering for the event, meals during the other days, tours and activities, etc. Again the answer is rather simple to what can be a daunting task: It can be done. With the right help it can be done rather easily.




Dawn has appeared on the cover of over 300 magazines throughout her career as a model and a best selling author. I was honored (and surprised really) that having a number of the most famous fashion photographers available to her she chose me to photograph her wedding. Thank you Dawn!
I have covered hundreds of events involving large parties (anywhere from 20 to 400 guests) who have converged here from all over the world. People from different cultures, faiths, nations, have found in Costa Rica an ideal and welcoming host for their most special of events. Every one of these weddings required suitable accommodations, transportation, meals, and other services for all its guests and they were executed as perfectly as any person can hope for.




Sunny and Krisztina allowed me to cover my first Hindu wedding. Their guests arrived from as far away as India and brought along their own Hindu priest. This was a multi-cultural gathering at its best.

Are there challenges and difficulties? Of course there are. Weddings as a whole are a time-intensive and challenging undertaking. Even if you chose to exchange vows at your local church or city hall there are many things to plan for. Costa Rica is no exception, however the end result is so unique and so memorable, that you and your guests will be overwhelmed with emotion. I am telling you this because I have witnessed it time and again.



“Thank you so much for everything last week! The pictures came out fabulous!
We saw them posted on the internet, and I love them! Who's better than you!!!
You are an awesome person, and definitely so much more than we ever hoped for in photographer!”
Vanessa and Brett Lowe.

In Costa Rica there are a number of spectacular, unforgettable, and truly special settings and locations that will do justice to the importance of the occasion. It is one of those special places in the world that seem to act as a spring of life itself. From the verdant exuberance of the rain forest, to the dramatic seascape of the Tropical Pacific, to the majestic solemnity of its many volcanoes, Costa Rica is a place like no other.





This photo was used as the cover of the weekend section of “The Tico Times”
Central America’s largest English newspaper. Which in itself is no big deal but it is a great paper, plus I really like the photo. It has to set a record for how high a bride has jumped on her wedding day.
Costa Rica's beauty naturally lends itself to the outpouring of emotion that can often be seen during a wedding ceremony. After years of living and photographing here it makes me feel as though I’m witnessing its magic for the first time, even while photographing places I have visited before on numerous occasions.