Costa Rica Weddings Locations


Thank you for visiting our section about getting married in Costa Rica. After photographing and helping plan over 1500 weddings in this country and meeting thousands of people who have come from all over the world to exchange their wedding vows I decided to share some of my experiences with those of you who are thinking of doing the same.
Jessica and Mark are truly a beautiful couple. They were so into each other, I think their passion shows in this scorching kiss at sunset.
One of the best things about getting married here is the fact that you and your guests have embarked on an unforgettable journey and the memories begin the moment you step off the plane and are greeted by the constant tropical breeze. The celebration begins then, it culminates on the day of the wedding, and it continues as long as you and your guests remain in the country.



The high tide came in during the ceremony and got this couple soaking wet. They didn’t mind however and we took advantage of the situation to get this great shot on the sand.
I have noticed that some of our clients’ busy schedules usually cause them to allocate only a few days here. One word of advice: Extend. If you plan to come for 3 days, extend it to 5. If you plan to come for 7 days, extend it to 10, etc.
The reason? Once here it will be very difficult for you to leave and no matter how many days you decided upon you will always wish you had been here longer.



Not all my weddings are at the beach. Some people –like Jill and Ben- prefer getting married in the highlands at a beautiful coffe plantation.

A lot of people decide to elope in Costa Rica. I really like elopements because they allow me to focus exclusively on the couple and to capture the most spontaneously intimate moments that unfold. Elopements are as easy, stress free, relaxed, and carefree as you might imagine. I like the flexibility of the schedule and prefer couples that have an open mind to whatever the day may bring. As Hemingway said about Paris, an elopement is a moveable feast.
Whether it is a waterfall, a deserted beach at low tide, the middle of the rain forest, or any remote pristine location, there’s nothing like having the option to conduct a ceremony in a truly unique and unforgettable setting.




Jennifer and David decided to venture out into the reef with me. This is the kind of photograph that truly conveys a unique, remote setting. I am always up for anything, and walking over some jagged rocks never bothered me. I think the images made it totally worth it.

I often wonder why anyone would prefer to marry in the sterile predictability of a rented hall where asphalt, cement, and other inorganic material dominates the landscape. These are not Vegas style weddings. The photos will be compelling evidence of that. I often have people question the backdrops, the settings, the locations. Is that real? Is the most common question. I assure you as I breathe the cool ocean breeze of the evening in which I find myself writing this: It is real and it is happening at this very moment.




Kelly’s bridesmaids are her daughters. I really love the way her youthful exuberance is so apparent in this image.
On the topic of Vegas weddings, these are definitely not that type. Nor are they Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean where generic wedding packages are assigned like combination style meals at a fast food chain. We are blessed to still have in Costa Rica the innocence and privilege that comes from going unnoticed by the conventional world. The Costa Rican traveler is more adventurous by nature, and those who decide to get married here are seeking nothing more than the most original and most unforgettable of experiences.